SimpliNET2 Support

How to find the SimpliNET2 firmware version?


IoT Defense support staff may ask you for the firmware version number of the SimpliNET2 system. The SimpliNET2 Router and Extenders may run different versions of firmware. To find the firmware version of a SimpliNET2 Extender, the Extender must be online.

This note guides you through the process of finding the firmware version information of the SimpliNET2 Router and Extenders.

Finding firmware version information

Log into your SimpliNET2 Router from a web browser on the PC or Mac.

For detail login instructions, please see the note How to access the SimpliNET2 web interface?

Upon successful login the following page would be displayed. Click on Setup icon at the bottom of the page.

Select the Upgrade Firmware option.

The Router and all the Extenders that are online would be listed.

To see the firmware version of the Router, click the Upgrade button next to the Router. Note down the Router firmware version.

To see the firmware version of the Extenders, click the Upgrade button next to each one of the Extenders. Note down the Extender firmware versions.